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About IOT

IOT stands for Internet of Things. It is one of the most demanding career options now days. This technology comes under the scope of Industry 4.0. From common men’s point of view, it is the linking of internet with day to day things or appliances or devices or gadgets etc. With the help IOT now devices can communicate with each other and also with humans, this leads to automate the day to day tasks. It becomes the next step in internet evolution.

What we can do with IOT?

  • By using IOT we can control our home and devices such as lights, fans, geysers, toasters, ACs, refrigerators etc.
  • Through this technology Kids can control their toys by smart phones/Tabs.
  • With Smart Phones and IOT a person can monitor their movements, locations and workouts throughout the day.
  • In garden area and agricultural fields sprinklers can connected with internet and controlled with smart phone.
  • We can control our vehicles with smart phones.

In the same way IOT can be applied into every aspect of human life.

Why learn IOT? – 6 Reasons

  1. It is the futuristic Industry 4.0 technology and is very good carrier option.
  2. Students can build their potential or capability to grab or think new ideas.
  3. You can adopt this technology as your hobby.
  4. You can learn coding and how it interacts with IOT.
  5. While learning IOT you will learn Basics of Electronics, Internet technologies, programming etc.
  6. Student will also learn about Arduino, raspberry Pi, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

Our IOT training program Comprises the following:

  • Basics of IOT
  • Introduction to Electronics
  • Introduction to sensors and actuators
  • Controllers
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry PI
  • Node MCU
  • Basic Programming skills
  • Basic Project 1
  • Basic Project 2
  • Basic Project 3
  • Basic Project 4
  • Basic Project 5

Next Level (Advance)

  • Advance IOT
  • Five Advance Server Base Projects

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