Web Site – An Impetus To Your Business

A website gives you an online presence. It is almost a precursor of success in any business if you have a web presence. It not only retains your local customer base but also expands it globally as the reach of a website is far and wide. So it is almost a necessity these days to have a web presence.
To be found on the search engine result pages of Google, Yahoo or Bing, you must have a website with good textual and visual content. It increases your online and offline credibility if you are ranked on the top search results.

Now the next question popping in your head must be – How to land in the Top 10 search results out of thousands or maybe even millions of results ?

Well that’s exactly where we can step in and help you.

You may have been having a website for years but are still yearning for that coveted position on the first page of any search engine to get the required business edge. And getting this position requires good amount of strategizing.

Few years back, merely having a website was enough. All that mattered was the aesthetics or the appearance of the site with little or no emphasis on planning of website. Such “Brochure Sites” simply conveyed that the business had a website; they generated no online-business.

With the advent of time, people started considering getting business from the web and the focus shifted from beauty-sites to strategically planned sites which would generate customers or business. The mindset has changed and people now prefer to search online for any product or service before deciding to buy it. Internet is within the reach of masses now because of easy accessibility to smart phones, tablets and laptops and this penetration of internet into every household has led to a mushrooming of online services and products. The youth today prefers online shopping, online education, and online network of friends because it’s less expensive in terms of money and time. Imagine shopping from the comfort of your home- save fuel, save time, save money and can access from anywhere in the world.

So what are the pre-requisites for creating your online presence?

A web site

A website is synonymous with a domain name or a website name. Usually the domain name should be related to the business but at times the domain name we want may not be available. A domain name should be short, easy to pronounce and catchy. So research well before deciding on a domain name because that’s your first introduction to the online client. Domain name gives clue about the product, service or business that we offer online. Another strategy for a good domain name should be to go in local language of the targeted customer. As the saying goes “While in Rome, Do as romans do”. So if you have a domain related to study, you could go for names like egyan, eshiksha etc.

A web host

A reliable and a good web host is must if you want to run online business. If the web host is frequently down and people who visit your site face this problem too often, they are not likely to come back to you. Net user is not very patient and has a lot of other options to choose from. So make sure your web hosting company is credible and has well trusted servers. You could choose from a variety of hosting types such as shared hosting with limited space, or dedicated host with unlimited space. It all comes down to the amount of money you are willing to spend and the kind of traffic you will be getting n your site. Also make sure that your web host company gives you an easy user interface control panel and the after sale support team is there in case of technical glitches.

A Web Development Company

A good web development company is required to manage all this if you can’t manage on your own. These days a lot of web hosting companies offer to create the website for you at a nominal charge. Go for that option if you want a “skeleton site” with bare minimum features. With time you will realize that this site is not serving the desired purpose and you would want to upgrade the site for which you will be charged extra. It’s better not to fall for these traps and choose a web development company which can handle all the nitty-gritties of site making for you. These companies will plan your site where every aspect of site creation is taken care of, like aesthetics, content creation, future up gradation, search engine algorithms etc. All these come under one umbrella term – Digital Marketing.

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