Web site MockUps

What is a Website Mock-up?

A mockup or mock-up, is a scaled or full-size model of a website design used to show the end user what the website will look like before building the entire website. It is done so that changes can be incorporated in the initial stages of website designing as they are more expensive in the final stages.

What Tools Do I Need To Create Website Mock-ups?

You can create a mockup in Photoshop,Illustrator or any other image editing software.If you are an HTML and CSS buff, you might as well use these technologies to create the mockup. In the end, the best tool is the one you are most comfortable working with. If you are a wizkid with Photoshop or Illustrator, then use them by all means. On the other hand if you feel right at home with CSS then you should go ahead create your mockup’s in them. The program you choose to use for your mockup depends on your own preferences and competencies.

Website Mockup Services

We provide help with the development of website mockup. Our creative team will create a mockup image showing what the website design would potentially look like. After receiving client’s feedback and making necessary modifications to the website design mockup, the website is finally constructed. The website developers at InxInfotech build all the sites using CSS based layouts and our own proprietary search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Want to Know About Mockup To Template Conversion ?

Mockup To Template Conversion


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